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Bottom Back Width—How do I choose?

30 Jan

When it comes to choosing your competition suit bottoms, the MOST important thing to do first is to check the rules and regulations of your show. Each of our back coverage options meet the regulations of at least 50% back coverage. Our bikinis are made by regulations for all organizations, such as NPC, IFBB, FAME, Bikini Universe etc. Once you have secured the rules and regulations to of the correct back width, you will want to choose the back width option that accentuates your body the way you want it to be presented on stage!

Here at Saleyla, we offer three different back coverage options:

  • Rio – our most narrow option, offering 5.5”-6.5” in back coverage





  • Moderate – our medium width option, offering 7”-7.5” in back coverage





  • Full – our widest back width option, offering 8”-9” in back coverage





6 Vital Tips for the Total Competition Package

22 Jan

You’ve spent countless hours at the gym and rigorously stuck to a diet regimen all for this one moment on stage! Your physique is at the very best it can be, your diet has been impeccable and now it’s time to take first place just as you deserve!

Judges have the job of inspecting and analyzing a lineup of nearly flawless bodies, which often leads them to rely on the minor details to make the final decision. While these six helpful tips might seem so miniscule, they really enhance the total package that you are presenting. Trust us when we say, it is worth the extra effort to perfect what seems to be the small details.

 1. Nail your Posing Routine!

pretty muscular woman posing on white background


Learn how to pose for your body and remember—practice makes perfect! It’s most important to think about what poses hide your weaknesses but showcase your strengths. Remember,  your posing is how you are presenting yourself to the judges! Have no idea where to start? HINT: Meet with a posing coach! Your coach can be the first to tell you the perfect pose to fit your body type.

 2. Find a Suit that Flatters You



Months of hard work in the gym and in the kitchen can be ruined simply by wearing the wrong suit—but luckily, the designers & staff at Saleyla are here to help! We know this part of the process can be daunting since there are so many options, but we always like to say, this is the FUN part! Picking the right suit for you requires a few key components:

  • Color: Make sure the color of your suit flatters your skin tone and hair color (but also keep in mind, you will be bronzed and beautified by show date!)
  • Top Style: The most important thing to remember for picking the right top style is the size of your breasts. Are you bustier? Then we recommend the halter style. Are you a bit smaller in the top region? We recommend getting a size up in the triangle top, that way there is extra room for additional padding if needed.
  • Bottom Style: We offer 3 different styles of back coverage: full coverage (8” to 9”), moderate coverage (7” to 7.5”) and rio coverage (pro cut- 5” to 6.5”)
  • Rhinestone Connectors: From loops & circles to hanging or chain connectors—the possibilities are endless! Connectors are a fun way to add a little pizazz to your already beautiful suit.
  • Stonework: Want to enhance your suit with some added bling? You came to the right place! We can completely customize your suit with a few stones or a rhinestoned covered suit! Stonework is yet another way to express yourself to the judges and stand out among the other competitors on stage!

Still overwhelmed by the thought of picking the right suit for you? Don’t worry—Saleyla’s knowledgeable staff can help you find the right cut, color and connectors for your suit to fit your body!

 3. Plan for a Tan


IMPORTANT: Test multiple tanning companies and their products before using them on competition day! A dark competition spray tan is applied to highlight muscle definition. Choosing the right product or tanning company can make the difference between a discolored, streaky mess to a smooth, even color!

 4. Choose a Hairstyle that Works Best for You


Although longer hair typically presents better, it is all about your facial structure and what looks better on you. The color and condition of your hair is not something the judges will miss either —and remember, those stage lights magnify just about everything. Try out a few different hairstyles and make sure to take pictures! If there is still room in your overall competition budget, we recommend spending the extra money on a Brazilian Blowout. This often calms frizzy, dry or overly curly hair with smoothness and an unforgettable shine!

 5. Perfect your Stage Makeup

Young Pretty Latino Woman Putting on mascara while listening to Headphones

Stage makeup is much different than the everyday or even “girl’s night out” makeup routine that you already have nailed! If you applying the makeup yourself, don’t forget to match your foundation to your spray tan, which is likely 4-5 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Don’t match your eye shadow color to your suit, instead choose a color that enhances your facial features. Most importantly, remember to go heavier than you normally would because stage lighting can sometimes dim the appearance of makeup.

If you happen to have the budget for it, hire a competition makeup professional. Take notes about what makeup brands and colors they use for the next time you want to recreate your winning look!

 6. Choose the Right Bling


Sometimes half the fun in competing is the glitz & glamour of it all! Wearing rhinestone jewelry or rhinestone studded shoes should be the final touches to the already perfect package you have created. With that being said, stage jewelry should add to your overall look, but never take away by drowning your hard work. Add a few small touches to your overall look, and voila! Your ready to step out on stage with confidence and pride!


Getting Started in Bikini & Figure Competitio​ns

15 Jun

Getting Started in Figure Competitions                       Monday, September 10, 2012 4:26:06 PM        

You’ve always been interested in staying fit, but you’ve finally decided to take that passion to the next level. That’s great, because now is the perfect time to get into figure and bikini competitions, as they are more popular today than they have ever been before.

At FitnessProDirect.com, it’s our goal to make sure that women, young and old, can get their bodies in the shape they’ve always dreamed of and proudly show them off in local, national and even worldwide competitions. Nothing makes us prouder than learning that one of our loyal, dedicated customers has used our products to look her absolute best up on the big stage.

We want to make sure that you know what you’re getting into before you make the leap though. Becoming a bikini competitor or bodybuilder requires a lot of commitment, both personally and financially, but don’t worry. Once you’ve decided to better your body and go for the gold, we’ll be here along the way to give you tips, tricks and other advice to make sure you that you get the most of our products and your body.

Setting a physical foundation for your competition body

Women from all demographics and ages get into figure competitions, even if they start their road to success in a body they are too embarrassed to show off at the beach. With hard work and persistence, you could be strutting your stuff in front of thousands of adoring audience members before you know it.

On the day that you decide to start your body-shaping journey, put on a bikini or other bathing suit and take a picture of yourself. Try to do this every week or two to gauge your progress. Remember that while you may need to lose weight, muscle weighs more than fat, so stepping onto the scale and logging your progress by the pounds you’ve shed isn’t going to be effective.

If you are serious about morphing your body into peak physical condition, you need to be eating right. In many cases, that means dramatic changes in your diet. Make sure you follow our blog to get dietary recommendations and guidance along the way.

Of course, getting into the weight room is going to be the most important part of this process. When you are figure posing, there are muscles you’ll need to tone, and in some cases, flex, that you didn’t even know you had. Start by doing cardio workouts first thing in the morning, and leave the lifting and plyo workouts for later in the day.

Understanding the financial undertaking of figure competition preparation 

By its nature, the business of body-shaping competitions isn’t cheap.

Again, you’ll need to be more conscious of the food you eat, and as regular grocery shoppers know, the healthier options are usually the more expensive ones. In addition, you’ll need to begin taking some figure competition supplements to get the nutrients and vitamins you can’t find in everyday food goods.

It’s a great idea to hire a trainer to push you through your training – everyone knows that they get more out of a workout when someone won’t let them quit. But, of course, that isn’t cheap.

Between tanning, purchasing competition shoes, posing suits and Rhinestone jewelry, the accessories can add up as well. That’s why we’re here. At FitnessProDirect.com, we don’t want any ladies to be held back from seeking the spotlight because of the cost. We offer these and many other competition products at great prices, so browse our great selection of items and email us your questions at info@fitnessprodirect.com today!